Our practice

22 décembre 2017

Our practice

We are passionate about our work

22 décembre 2017

What drives us?

Helping our clients to keep, increase and profit from the value they have created, so that they remain free to give their own significance to what they have worked on building.

We believe in the creative power of women and men. Our job is to get alongside people in order to help create wealth, but more importantly, to organize their assets and protect their families, their children and their loved ones.

The meaning of our name

"Legalfi" stems from our main areas of expertise: the legal aspects of assets management, finance and fiscal tax issues. In a literary sense, the term "Trinity" describes the bringing together of three principles in order to constitute a single entity. This "single entity" is the heart of what we contribute in terms of added-value.

Firstly, we look at what came "before" our involvement, by auditing your existing assets and by looking at some preliminary options.

Secondly, we deal with the "during" phase. This involves the implementation of solutions and assets management strategies that we have validated together.

Thirdly and lastly, we focus on the "after" stage. This involves the personalized follow-up of projects upon which we have agreed. This stage determines the long-term added-value for your assets. This stage also requires the capacity to develop strategies that can evolve according to external circumstances linked to the legal environment, tax issues and financial opportunities.

For us, this "Trinity" is the DNA of our profession. If one of these aspects is missing, the relevance of our advice is no longer optimal and "client satisfaction" is rarely an outcome in the long term.

This is the official version. There are also a number of other accounts for the origin of our name that involve private jokes only known to a select few.

Our approach

Legalfi Trinity is a wealth management practice providing independent advice in order to best serve the interests of our clients. We are very demanding of our own skills in updating our expertise in order to stay abreast of developments and remain attuned to our clients' needs.

All our partners are in possession of the required legal accreditations and have up-to-date training allowing them to respond to issues arising in various fields, both nationally and internationally. All our associates have French CIF accreditation (financial investment advisers) and have acquired the French CJA certificate (appropriate legal expertise).

We are passionate about the technical and human aspects of our profession and permanently invest in the relevance of the service that we provide for our clients.

Our advice and services are aimed at private family clients or corporate clients. It is worth investing in our input in order to generate added-value by optimizing private or corporate assets once an estate reaches the following thresholds:

150K € of financial assets – 1M € of personal estate – Company assets between 1 and 20M €.

We provide advice in managing private or corporate estates. We are wealth managers.

Our Philoso-Fee

In our view, the payment of fees is the best guarantee for our clients to have access to independent, transparent and loyal advice exclusively aimed at serving their interests. So just like other professions working in the legal and accounting fields (certified accountants, lawyers, notaries, stockbrokers...), we are paid depending on the complexity and time we spend in your service. We are firm believers in the value of interbranch collaboration and we share our analyses with other advisory professions working alongside our clients.

Our values

Passion – a sense of service in the interest of clients – adaptability – objectivity – the desire to build and develop – international scope – staying up-to-date – efficiency – expertise – simplicity

Legalfi Trinity sees itself as a wealth management practice that is both dynamic and modern. Today, the stakes are high in the area of wealth management and we pride ourselves in the relevance of our advice thanks to our long-standing expertise.

Legalfi Trinity stands out for its capacity to deal with international issues. We work alongside clients from all backgrounds.

In a society that is increasingly opened and globalized, we encounter a growing number of situations that present issues linked to international circumstances requiring the capacity to take account of various considerations. This is why our practice has decided to not just focus on situations remaining within the national context, but also to respond to issues raised by people whose interests are spread over several countries.

We deeply value our relationships with our clients and partners. We are very proud of the trust that is placed in us. This is a highly motivating factor. It encourages us to constantly find solutions that are more efficient and better in line with client expectations.

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